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Our Fresh and Comfy Bundle comes with three (6oz) of our COAT DEFENSE® canine daily PREVENTATIVE POWDERs. It’s the perfect alternative to help keep your pooch smelling fabulous between baths, no matter where you go! One for home, one for the car, and one for travel!

COAT DEFENSE® canine daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER can also be used…

  • To treat dogs with itchy, smelly skin due to seborrheic dermatitis

  • To treat dogs suffering from the onset of hot spots, or acute moist dermatitis

  • As a dry shampoo to eliminates odor and refresh the coat

  • Calm and soothe stubborn skin irritations

  • To treat skin fungus conditions

  • To treat bacterial skin conditions

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1 review for Fresh and Comfy Bundle

  1. Jim Tucker

    We are more than pleased with this powder! It has basically stopped 99% of the scratching. We went from two 16 miligram Apoquel per day to one or two per week. His sores healed up and his fur came back…we used the paste on the sores. We were paying a lot of $$$ for antibiotics to heal up the sores before. Since we’ve been using the powder about every other day as a preventative, Rolex, the watchdog hasn’t had another sore!
    I’m not even sure if he really needs the Apoquel anymore but if he sneezes my wife gives him a pill! When we recieved the powder I thought it wouldn’t last long but it really goes a long way…worth every penny!!

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