Daily Preventative Powder – Canine (6oz)

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The daily COAT DEFENSE® PREVENTATIVE POWDER canine can be used…

  • To treat dogs with itchy, smelly skin due to seborrheic dermatitis

  • To treat dogs suffering from the onset of hot spots, or acute moist dermatitis

  • As a dry shampoo to eliminates odor and refresh the coat

  • Calm and soothe stubborn skin irritations

  • To treat skin fungus conditions

  • To treat bacterial skin conditions

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3 reviews for Daily Preventative Powder – Canine (6oz)

  1. Rebecca-Judyth Zurcher

    I’ve been using the horse version for a couple of years and I got a sample of the dog version with my last order. I have an old black lab and a middle aged English cocker. My old lab is a tropical old girl. She likes to still try and play ball, and hates baths with a passion. Like most old dogs, she doesn’t smell like a daisy. I sprinkle Coat Defence on her, her bedding (in between frequent washes) and on my carpet. It saves my nose! My cocker is still super rambunctious and loves to play and roll outside and in the pasture, read: she smells AWFUL. In addition to making her smell better, I use it to help loosen matts, and keep her ears fresh. I ❤️ Coat Defense.

  2. Sandy Fayed

    This powder is like a sprinkling from GOD! It has been a miracle. Blazer has severe allergies; he’s a 10 year old beagle and been on Apoquel for years and shots for his allergies and ointments…only lasts for 2-3 weeks and then we’re right back to where we started. None of his severely irritated areas ever go away. Until this powder…his hair has grown back and he’s stopped itching. His ear and his side was bleeding constantly from scratching ; he was like a walking scab. The paste has helped tremendously. Now, I just keep the powder on him and he is happy and he smells good. His little sister, Daisy May, nibbles on her paws and the powder has completely stopped this. What you have is truly a blessing. Thank you.

  3. Terri Deavers

    I started using this as soon as it arrived!!! We have tried everything changing food no grain, no meat just whitefish food, vets advice, steroids all kinds of meds. When I saw this I thought what the heck it is worth a try. We are on cloud nine he has hair starting to grow in the spots that were raw he had a very putred odor but that is gone he has the starting of a beautiful coat and I am so happy .

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