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The perfect package for our canine companions! The Canine Bundle includes two of our 6 ounce daily COAT DEFENSE® PREVENTATIVE POWDER canine, and one of our 5 ounce COAT DEFENSE® TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE canine. Perfect to use between baths to keeping them smelling fresh, stop itching on contact, and treat hotspots!

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2 COAT DEFENSE® Canine Powders (6oz) & 1 COAT DEFENSE® Paste (50z)

The daily COAT DEFENSE® PREVENTATIVE POWDER canine can be used…

  • To treat dogs with itchy, smelly skin due to seborrheic dermatitis

  • To treat dogs suffering from the onset of hot spots, or acute moist dermatitis

  • As a dry shampoo to eliminates odor and refresh the coat

  • Calm and soothe stubborn skin irritations

  • To treat skin fungus conditions

  • To treat bacterial skin conditions


  • To treat dogs suffering from open hot spots, or acute moist dermatitis

  • To create a protective barrier that allows skin cells to repair quickly while soothing and calming skin

  • To create a cover that draws out toxins and irritations left by insects while cooling and relieving itchiness

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  1. Dave Davis

    Gotta say this and I hope I don’t ramble too much. For three years Marley has been suffering with skin infections and is highly allergic to EVERYTHING regarding his skin. Numerous vet visits. This spry; that ointment; shots…shots….shots, food changes,…it can go on. The vet recommended a “Dog allergy specialist” ! I wouldn’t buy Coat Defense because the comments were “to good to be true” and I thought, “It’s just another gimmick!”. FINALLY, we broke down and bought it. I can’t tell you how grateful we are for you and your product. The claims are TRUE. Immediately (second application) we saw visible results. Now he is just about 100% back. Hair and all. And very little scratching. I do have a question. I just started the powder now (previous used the paste). Is there any adverse effects to using it “too much”? Or on the inside of the ear flaps (where, when he scratches his nails wound him)? By the way, he HATES water. When I try to bathe him his “pitbull grouchy” comes out (and he lets you know he doesn’t like it!). I’m hoping to use your powder a lot this spring and summer as his allergies usually get real bad this time of year. Thank you for being so wonderful and saving Marley from the suffering he has endured like I said, for three solid, torturous years. The claims ARE unbelievable but, so far, seem to be true.

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