Coat Defense - The Results are clear, it REALLY works!

COAT DEFENSE is the only product on the market that allows you to PREVENT and HEAL...

  • Rain Rot

  • Mud Fever

  • Scratches

  • bug bites

  • sweet itch

  • sunburn

  • skin fungus

  • bacterial skin conditions

  • bald spots

  • proud flesh

  • wound recovery

  • scabs and funk

see what our customers are SAYING...

I really like the products. I had really great results! I found that the paste isolated the fungus and made it easy for me to remove it without agitating the entire leg and the powder complimented the paste very well for maintaining a dry area. This stuff is very cool, I will turn to these products first from now on.
— Hillary C., Barn manager, Hainesport, NJ
No matter how well you care for your horses, skin funk can show up and just not go away. We treated this to no avail - until we tried COAT DEFENSE. In just a week we noticed a huge difference! The best part is, it’s all-natural. Check it out and see for yourself how fast it works!
— Sharon W., Last Frontier Farm, Virginia
I am a believer! It’s a miracle for Mud Fever. I have been dealing with this issue for months! I applied 2 applications; Sunday and Tuesday and then had to go out of town. I came home last night, pulled him out of the stall to hose his leg down and the scabs were gone. Down to fresh skin!
— Jill R., Ohio
"First one is when I caught it slightly infected on oct 6, middle pic before is I applied COAT DEFENSE on oct 15, last picture is as of yesterday, 10/30. That stuff is amazing!"
— Brittany L., Montana

are you ready for results that HEAL? are you done scrubbing, washing, picking and putting your horse through painful treatments that don't work?

I can not thank COAT DEFENSE enough for their immediate response to my desperate seek for help! This could not have happened at a worse time! Rain, nasty mud and fear of a staph in stagnant water and unmucked stalls. I continued to clean and wrap and apply antibiotic ointment until I was overwhelmed with proud flesh, but in fear of exposing to the nasty elements at hand. COAT DEFENSE rescued my horse! I’m so grateful. Within a day or two samples arrived at my home. I applied everyday or every other day to the affected areas and washed the wound with water and betadine as necessary. The results are excellent as you can see!!!! THANK YOU!
— Shanan M., California
I love your products. The COAT DEFENSE POWDER has been a tremendous help for my 28 ranch horses that live outdoors 24/7. Although they have access to shade trees, they often choose not to stand under them. Here is one of my darling horse’s, Skip, with quite the sunburned muzzle and nose, and a pic 2 weeks later having powdered his nose almost every day. Such improvement and no toxic chemicals that human sun block and sunscreen contain. Thank you for your all natural product!
— Jean F., Virginia

coat defense can also be used for...

  • keeping dirty winter sheets and blankets clean

  • Keeping your helmet, breeches and shirts dry and smelling fresh

  • hotspots on your dog

  • girth rubs and galls

  • blanket rubs

  • sweating and rubbing under
    pads, boots and wraps

  • winter bathing