Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the equine community with effective solutions
that are safe for horses, the humans who care for them, and the planet
we share.

We invite you to join us on the Bright Side

Bright Side = profoundly changing the game to become part of something better.

What’s better you ask?

There’s a change going on all over the planet. Some have noticed and more and more are seeing it every day. We’re going through a coming of age that is changing our identity in relationship to nature. We, as a collective,  are beginning to see with clarity that we are no longer separate from nature.

Safe for your horses, the humans that care for them, and the planet we share.

Coat Defense is a line of effective equestrian products that are ‘Something Better’.  Our products  prevent and eliminate skin issues (rain rot, scratches, burns, hot spots, bug bites and skin related issues). We are committed to making effective products that are ‘Something Better.

(Always free of petro-chemical derivatives, chemical preservatives, harsh surfactants/detergents, solvents/plasticizers, penetration enhancers. Chemicals known to interfere with hormonal systems and cause cancer).

We love Earth and the creatures who inhabit it.

Please join us so that together we can make a difference towards something better...

 “As you do unto the world, so, in some form, will be done unto you.”
Charles Eisentstein