What's in the Powder and Paste?

Baking Soda: One of the safest and versatile substances around … can be used quite effectively to change the terrain of tissues and cells quickly. PH balancing,
anti-bacterial, anti -fungal; dissipates odor on animals, humans, and equipment ( helmets, saddle-pads, boots, wraps, etc) on contact.

Arrowroot Powder: A silky, soft and slippery powder that is PH balancing, moisture absorbing, and protects against rubs and chafing. It can absorb moisture without drying out the skin, making it perfect for absorbing sweat. Unlike commercial powders, arrowroot powder won’t leave skin/coat feeling or looking dry or chalky.

Bentonite Clay: Known for its ability to continuously draw out pathogens from the skin. Heavy metals, toxins, bacteria and fungus that cause infection and inflammation.

Cornstarch: Moisture absorber that has been shown to possess anti -inflammatory benefits, soothing itchy skin and calming both rashes, bites and burns.

Witch Hazel: Has anti -inflammatory, antibiotic, anti -oxidant, and analgesic properties. Stops itch, reduces pain and can prevent swelling.

Hemp Seed Oil: Has anti -inflammatory and soothing effects. Nature’s perfectly balanced oil containing 80% of the essential fatty acids required by the skin to maintain its integrity and function. It contains 23% protein along with methionine and cysteine which are sulfur containing amino acids required in the production of healthy skin and coats. The essential fatty acid - linoleic - found in this oil, as well as its metabolite, gamma-linolenic acid, have proven to confer very beneficial therapeutic effects on the skin. These fatty acids contain glycerides, sterols and phospholipids.

Oil of peppermint: Scientific investigations are revealing an abundance of potential health benefits, including aromatherapeutic, topical and internal applications. Peppermint oil is valued in skin care for its antibacterial properties. Peppermint oil has a slight numbing effect on the skin, which may be why it is helpful for reducing skin irritations, whether caused by poison ivy and other toxic plants or insect bites.

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Is used BEFORE the skin is heavily inflamed or broken. COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER can be used as a barrier against skin and coat ailments, while also treating the early stages of fungus and bacteria buildup. Use as a dry shampoo to help dry sweat and keep your horse looking and smelling great!

Our customers have been able to PREVENT and TREAT the following by using the powder in their daily grooming routine:

  • Kills surface fungus on contact including rain rot, cannon crud and yeast infections

  • Soothes and treats sweet itch

  • Protects against bacterial buildup under boots, pads, and blankets

  • Protects against fungus on all surfaces

  • Calms skin compromised by insect allergies

  • Prevents Boot Rubs and general tack chafing

  • A must for under therapeutic boots to keep leg dry and odor free!

  • As a dry shampoo that allows retention of natural oils.  See how it shines! ( see unTacked review!) super handy if it’s too cold or water unavailable on a trail ride.

  • Soothing, Deodorizing  Dry Shampoo for Dogs. Great for keeping them smelling fresh in between professional grooms!

  • Safe for dealing with fungal problems on /in dog face and ears…(kills earmites!)

  • Kills bacteria and odor in human boots and helmets, and has been an underarm deodorant for years!

  • Dissipates odor on contact on animals, humans, and equipment.

  • Sprinkle on your legs and your britches will slide right on!

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Is used AFTER the skin is heavily inflamed or broken.  The thick consistency creates a protective barrier and defends the skin cells from pathogens and moisture.  Fungus and bacteria require moisture to survive and thrive. COAT DEFENSE® TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE provides the skin with a dry environment to enable healing, it continuously draws out moisture, and allows the body to repair damaged cells.

Our customers are surprised by the speed of healing the PASTE facilitates:

  • Scratches / cellulitis - Dries and Draws fungus, bacteria, and general inflammation allowing for dramatic results in 2-4 days

  • Summer / Florida Sores -  Dries, Draws, and shrinks

  • Proud Flesh – shrinks and dries

  • Insect Bites -  cools, calms and  eliminates itch. Draws out poison and inflammation. Horses, Dogs, and especially people

  • Dog Hot Spots – Calms, cools, and the area becomes ignored while healing

  • Acne – as an overnight  mask, the drawing properties have delighted many adolescents!

  • Poison Ivy-stops itch on contact and draws out ooze quickly and painlessly

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