Our Riders - Tori Bokum

This week in Coat Defense’s continuing series, Our Riders, we spoke to 25 year old aspiring rider, Tori Bokum. Tori grew up in Buffalo, New York where she completed in area 1 and trained with USEA President, Carol Kozlowski. She is now based out of Purcellville, Virginia at Windchase with trainer Phyllis Dawson. We were able to catch up with her about some of her past work, and see where she is headed for 2018.

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Emily Schwartz
Our Riders - Noelle Roberts

Delacreme Equestrian owner and head trainer Noelle Roberts has over 15 years experience in the Hunter-Jumper world, but she didn’t get her start there. We recently spoke to Noelle for Coat Defense’s continuing series, Our Riders, to ask her how  she got her start, the lessons her journey taught her and where she’s headed now.

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Our RidersEmily Schwartz
3 Easy Ways to Obtain Your Horse Goals in 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, it’s time we reflect on the past and begin to plan for the next year. There is just something so exciting and adventurous about tackling new goals and setting your sites on bigger, better challenges when January 1st hits. For many equestrians and equine enthusiasts, it’s with our beloved horse at our side.

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How to Wash a Horse in Winter

Bitter cold winds. Endlessly falling snow. Frozen water buckets or faucets. Icy walkways and skating rinks for pastures. Oh, the endless joys of horse ownership in the winter. While non-horse owners complain about the cold and snow, not many of them LIVE in it quite like horse owners do.

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Winter is Coming - EPISODE THREE: Winter Bathing and Blanketing

It’s here, people. The icy cold winds, the half frozen pastures, frosty mornings spent trying to warm up as we do chores or an evening in a frigid arena as we realize we REALLY can’t feel our toes anymore. Ahhh, winter in the barn.

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How to Treat Rain Rot in Horses

“How do I get rid of rain rot?”

The question caught my attention as I stood next to my sister out in the pasture of horses. It was a cool, late fall morning in northern California, the rains had been going on for a few days now and all the horses had a permanently saturated look to them.

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