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How to Treat Bald Spots on Horses, with COAT DEFENSE®!

Bald spots on horses can be a real pain, and leave skin open to damage. Protect and treat your horse with COAT DEFENSE®!

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How to Treat Rain Rot in Winter

Rain rot comes from a bacterium, dermatophilus congolensis. This bacteria is in a family called actinomycetes, these little things act like both bacteria and fungi. Horses naturally have these organisms on their skin; they lay dormant until wet conditions cause it to flare-up. But how does a horse owner deal with this problem during the winter?

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Need help drying sweaty horses? Bathing in the cold? Want to treat rain rot or scratches? Prevent boot rubs, girth galls, blanket or tack rubs? COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER is the one product that can both PREVENT and TREAT common equine skin conditions!

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How to Treat Hair Loss in Horses

If you have narrowed down the cause of your horse losing hair to be an external issue, you’re probably wondering how the heck to regrow a horse’s hair. A quick search on “how to treat bald spots on horses” will reveal anything from using coconut oil to calling your vet right away. What’s a horse owner to do for their equine friend?

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How to Treat Rain Rot in Horses

“How do I get rid of rain rot?”

The question caught my attention as I stood next to my sister out in the pasture of horses. It was a cool, late fall morning in northern California, the rains had been going on for a few days now and all the horses had a permanently saturated look to them.

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