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Bug Bites on Horses

Mosquitos. Horse flies. No-see-ums. Midges. All these little critters eating our horses alive, leaving tender welts, lumps, bumps, and swelling. These little flying demons making them itch like mad, running themselves into a frenzied sweat, and rubbing themselves raw just trying to get some relief.

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How to Treat Sweet Itch, Summer Sores and Bug Bites in Horses

While the sunshine and lack of snow or rain is great, it brings one major problem in a tiny package. Bugs. Deer flies. Gnats. Horse flies. Mosquitos. Midges. Blackflies. Fleas. Ticks. So. Many. Bugs. Not only are they irritating to keep away, but can cause serious skin issues in horses that have sensitive skin or are prone to breaking out. This can be a real headache for horse owners to deal with, especially when we’re spending our money on expensive fly spray, fly sheets and other bug deterrents.

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How to Treat Summer Sores in Horses

COAT DEFENSE® TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE helps treat summer sores by drying and drawing the moisture the larvae feeds on, starving it of the food source.

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