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One Powder, Many Uses!

Treating rain rot? Check. Dry bathing a horse? Check. Under blankets, sheets, coolers and tack to prevent rubs and bacteria build up? CHECK! One POWERFUL Powder, MULTIPLE Uses!


Is used BEFORE the skin is heavily inflamed or broken. COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER can be used as a barrier against skin and coat ailments, while also treating the early stages of fungus and bacteria buildup.

Our customers have been able to PREVENT and TREAT the following by using the powder in their daily grooming routine:

  • Kills surface fungus on contact including rain rot, cannon crud and yeast infections

  • Soothes and treats sweet itch

  • Protects against bacterial buildup under boots, pads, and blankets

  • Protects against fungus on all surfaces

  • Calms skin compromised by insect allergies

  • Prevents Boot Rubs and general tack chafing

  • A must for under therapeutic boots to keep leg dry and odor free!

  • As a dry shampoo that allows retention of natural oils.  Super handy if it’s too cold or water unavailable on a trail ride.

  • Soothing, Deodorizing  Dry Shampoo for Dogs. Great for keeping them smelling fresh in between professional grooms!

  • Safe for dealing with fungal problems on /in dog face and ears…(kills earmites!)

  • Kills bacteria and odor in human boots and helmets, and has been an underarm deodorant for years!

  • Dissipates odor on contact on animals, humans, and equipment.

  • Sprinkle on your legs and your britches will slide right on!

  • Use during cold weather riding to help rapidly dry sweat

FEI and USEF compliant

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of Sodium Bicarbonate, maranta arundinacea (arrow root) powder, bentonite clay, zea mays (corn starch), menthe piperita (peppermint) oil.

Grab our Funk Free Fall Package that includes a 10oz TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE and 24 oz PRO SIZE DAILY PREVENTATIVE POWDER to help alleviate all your fall ailments for only $49! The bonus? FREE SHIPPING!

Want to see the powerful RESULTS of COAT DEFENSE®? How we’ve helped horses with mud fever, scratches, summer sores and wounds? Check out our RESULTS page or read our REVIEWS to see how pet owners everywhere are celebrating the multiple uses of our all natural, handmade in the USA products!

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Drying A Sweaty Horse in Cold Weather

Ensure your horse stays warm and dry this winter!

Winter riding comes with a set of challenges. One of those is drying a sweaty horse in freezing temps to avoid catching a chill.

How to Dry a Sweaty Horse in the Cold

The typical routine to dry a sweaty horse in the winter can vary. However, it typically includes extended cool out time, towel drying, and using a cooler to wick away moisture. Consequently, this eats up a lot more time. So, what if there was a way to cut down this time? All while ensuring your horse is dry AND protected from bacteria and fungus? Well, there is. It’s called  COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER.

Our Winter Wicking Bundle includes three containers of our COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER. A 24 ounce container for the barn, a 8 ounce container for the groom bag, and a 3 ounce travel size for on the go! Only $50 with FREE shipping!

How does COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER help dry a sweaty horse in the cold?

COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER is comprised of only five natural ingredients. Safe, moisture wicking, antibacterial and anti-fungal, they make for a perfect combo to help dry a sweaty horse in the cold. And there is no worry of removing the natural oils, or drying out skin. It is safe to use under a cooler to help dry even faster, while keeping the material clean and clear of bacteria or fungus. And another bonus? It’s handmade in the USA.

I absolutely love this product. I use it after riding to absorb sweat, in between baths, to treat and prevent sweet itch on my sensitive horses, in the winter as a bathing alternative, and as a daily preventative and to treat / prevent scratches on my feathered horses. You can use this product for both dogs and horses with ease. The light mint scent is pleasant. It is a staple in my training program and my Great Danes love it too ! I do not go anywhere without it and I always have my tack room stocked!

Aubrey Burwell, Facebook Reviewer

How do you use COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER to dry a sweaty horse in winter?

Simply sprinkle it on, and rub in with a brush or curry. Let it soak up the sweat, then brush off. That’s it. Any COAT DEFENSE® that remains on the skin is safe and will help prevent any bacteria or fungus from thriving. Also, it can be used under coolers to keep them smelling great and dry your horse even faster.

Is COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER only for drying sweat only?

Nope. COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER can help almost every equine skin ailment. It works by creating a healing environment where your horse’s immune system can do what it does best. Fight and Heal. 

Here are some other great uses for COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER!

  • By using COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER under horse blankets, sheets, coolers, saddle pads and work boots, you can prevent bacteria build up, keep them smelling fresh, and protect against chafing
  • After rides to help dry up sweat, all while keeping bacteria and fungus away
  • On itchy, smelly dogs as a dry shampoo to keep them clean and comfortable between bathing, while also treating hot spots
  • On yourself, using the COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER as a deodorant to replace any aluminum based brands, on legs to slip on riding breeches, and in helmets to reduce sweat and rubbing on my forehead
  •  It’s an excellent dry shampoo when it’s too cold for a hose

No more sweaty, cold horses…

So, if you’re ready to speed up drying your sweaty horse in the cold, protect your horse from fungus/bacteria, and improve your winter grooming routine, grab our Winter Wicking Bundle. It includes three containers of our COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER. A 24 ounce container for the barn, a 8 ounce container for the groom bag, and a 3 ounce travel size for on the go! And it’s only $50 with FREE shipping!

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How to Wash a Horse in Winter

 Winter. Come for the beauty, stay for the... no, don't stay. Take your horse and head south!

Caring for Horses in the Winter

Winter. Come for the beauty, stay for the… no, don’t stay. Take your horse and head south!

Bitter cold winds. Endlessly falling snow. Frozen water buckets or faucets. Icy walkways and skating rinks for pastures. Oh, the endless joys of horse ownership in the winter.

And while non-horse owners complain about the cold and snow, not many of them LIVE it quite like horse owners do. Because unless you’re in a heated barn, the equestrian lifestyle can take a pretty brutal toll for many from November to March.

One of the many problems of cold weather is keeping your horse even somewhat clean. Sure, the fluffy white snow doesn’t get him dirty, but the random thaw of 45 degrees has him rolling in a mud pit.

Can I Bathe a Horse in the Winter?

Washing a horse in cold weather with a hose and soap is a big no-no. Because a chilled horse can become very ill in a short amount of time. But it’s not just battling the mud and rain. If you keep a blanket on your horse all winter, it quickly becomes grimy with dirt sweat, and manure. So the winter months tend to be dirty, miserable and cold for the lot of us.

 Does this count as a bath? Does this count as a bath?

Can I Bathe a Horse in Winter with a Spray Shampoo?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used plenty of waterless sprays to clean my horse in the winter. But they always came with a few issues. Because, one… they aren’t waterless. So, while I understand you don’t have to ADD water, the base IS still water. And my horse ends up with damp blotches that I have to rub dry without gloves and frozen fingers. Now he’s annoyed that I’ve taken his warm blanket off, and proceeded to get him wet. Something else he despises. And two, they still leave a gunk and grim behind.

Can I Bathe a Horse in Winter with a Dry Shampoo?

If you’re like me and can’t afford to move somewhere warm, you’re stuck in the cold. And you have to deal with itchy, dirty horse that spray shampoos just can’t seem to clean. But luckily, I was fortunate enough to stumble on COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER. And it was a game changer for my winter grooming routine. Because this magical fairy dust has made winter MUCH more tolerable for me and my Arabian gelding, Billiam.

And like most thin-skinned breeds, Billiam loathes the cold. Every evening I can make a million dollar bet that he will impatiently be pawing at the gate to come in. Ears back and eyes glaring at me as if to say, “I belong in a desert, why the heck am I in the snow belt of northeast Ohio?”


I was pleasantly surprised how all these concerns disappeared when I switched to COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER.  Because it also provides a whole lot of comfort to my horse. You might not be able to wash a horse in winter, but you can brush them with a dry shampoo. And that’s all this product entails.

See for yourself how you can apply it on a sweaty, damp horse. And then rub it in to have dry, great smelling steed 10 minutes later…

The results? Have a look!

So a good winter grooming tip for horse owners? Grab some COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER and enjoy peace of mind. It’s easy to apply. It actually works to keep horses clean. And it stops itching, rubbing and bacteria buildup. Plus, it smells delightful. Cold weather’s tough enough. But don’t let a dirty, smelly horse be another thing on that list of things we hate about winter!