How to Wash a Horse in Winter

Winter. Come for the beauty, stay for the... no, don't stay. Take your horse and head south!

Winter. Come for the beauty, stay for the... no, don't stay. Take your horse and head south!

Bitter cold winds. Endlessly falling snow. Frozen water buckets or faucets. Icy walkways and skating rinks for pastures. Oh, the endless joys of horse ownership in the winter. While non-horse owners complain about the cold and snow, not many of them LIVE in it quite like horse owners do. Unless you’re in a heated barn, the equestrian lifestyle takes a pretty brutal turn for many from November to March.

One of the many strifes of cold weather is keeping your horse even somewhat clean. Sure, the fluffy white snow doesn’t get him dirty, but the random thaw of 45 degrees has him rolling in a mud pit. Washing a horse in cold weather with a hose and soap is a big no-no, a chilled horse can become very ill in a short amount of time. Not only is battling the inevitable mud impossible, but if you keep a blanket on your horse all winter, it quickly becomes grimy with sweat, dandruff, sawdust and manure. The winter months are a series of both horse and owner being either cold, dirty, miserable or all the above.

Does this count as a bath?

Does this count as a bath?

If you’re like me and can’t afford to move somewhere warm and sunny, you’re stuck to deal with itchy, dirty horses and a ton of snow. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to stumble on COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER to change my winter grooming routine. This magical fairy dust has made winter at least a bit more tolerable for myself and my Arabian gelding, Billiam.

Like most thin-skinned breeds, Billiam loathes the cold. Every evening I can make a million dollar bet that he will impatiently be pawing at the gate to come in, ears back and eyes glaring at me as if to say, “I belong in a desert, why the heck am I in the snow belt of northeast Ohio?”

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used plenty of waterless sprays to clean my horse in the winter, but they come with a few issues. One, they aren’t waterless. I understand you don't have to ADD water, but the base IS water. My horse still ends up with damp blotches, ones I have to rub dry without gloves and majorly frozen fingers. He’s annoyed that I’ve taken his warm blanket off, and then proceed to get him wet, something he also despises. Two, they tend to still leave a gunk and grim behind.

I was pleasantly surprised how all these concerns disappeared when I switched to COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER, which also provides a whole lot of comfort to my horse. You might not be able to wash a horse in winter, but you can brush them with a dry shampoo. And that’s all this product entails, see for yourself below how you can apply it on a sweaty, damp horse, rub it in and 10 minutes later have a dry, shining, awesome smelling steed…

Kim shows us how she uses COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER in her routine to dry a sweaty horse, bathe a horse in the cold weather or use it under the pad to keep them dry and comfortable. Want to add COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER to your winter grooming routine?

The results? Have a look for yourself!

See how Kim applied COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER in our previous video! Here are the results of simply sprinkling on our powder, currying it in and waiting 10 minutes. Interested in adding COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER to your winter grooming routine? Head over to and grab some today!

A good winter grooming tip for horse owners? Grab some COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER and enjoy peace of mind. It’s easy to apply, actually works to keep horses clean, stops itching, rubbing and smells delightful. Cold weather’s tough enough, don’t let a dirty, smelly horse be another thing on that list of things we hate about winter!