How to Treat Rain Rot on Horses


“How do I get rid of rain rot?”

The question caught my attention as I stood next to my sister out in the pasture of horses. It was a cool, late fall morning in northern California, the rains had been going on for a few days now and all the horses had a permanently saturated look to them. Water laid in puddles surrounded by old grass as droplets rolled off leaves from above, the pastures were wet and muddy. The horse owner stood next to her chestnut mare picking at the scabs with a look of concern, at the time I had no idea what rain rot was, let alone how to treat it.

Equestrians just want happy, healthy horses, which seems to be a lot more difficult than it should be. Turnout time is essential to their well-being, seeing them out in the pasture grazing away or munching on hay is a beautiful sight. But, like most things in life, comes with a price in rainy or moist areas, in the form of a common skin disease called “rain rot” or “rain scald”.


Rain rot comes from a bacterium, dermatophilus congolensis. This bacteria is in a family called actinomycetes, these little things act like both bacteria and fungi. Horses naturally have these organisms on their skin; they lay dormant until rainy, wet conditions cause it to flare-up. What if there was a way to keep this bacterium from flaring up and thriving?

The solution to starving off this bacterium is to keep your horse’s skin dry. One option is keeping your horse inside, but that sounds terribly boring for the both of you. Another option is keeping on a turnout sheet during rainy days, but this can trap moisture and could actually fuel the bacteria. So, we need to keep our horse’s skin dry, but how?

Well, lucky for horse owners, options are now are available that both PREVENT and TREAT rain rot. COAT DEFENSE® should be your new go-to grooming aid for keeping your horse’s skin clear and healthy, even in damp, moist or wet conditions.

COAT DEFENSE Daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER is the first dry way to protect skin with an anti-bacterial, anit-fungal layer that will destroy fungal and bacterial colonies before they erupt. The Powder can also treat any fungal growth that already exists. But don’t take our word for it, see how we were able to help rescue horse Ginger by clearing up her rain rot instantly...

Ginger was rescued before she was sent to auction, she was malnourished with a horrible case of rain rot. With COAT DEFENSE® Daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER, it fell off instantly! If your horse is suffering from rain rot, grab some for yourself today over at

What is COAT DEFENSE®? It’s an all-natural solution with no harsh chemicals. While many other treatments contain harsh ingredients that can actually cause harm to healthy skin, COAT DEFENSE® will aid in clearing up affected areas with only 7 simple, all natural ingredients.

So what does COAT DEFENSE® do that prevents and treats rain rot? It creates a drying environment, which prevents bacterial and fungal growth. Simple as that, keep the skin dry, starve off the bacteria or fungi, and prevent flare-ups.   

People have been using COAT DEFENSE® TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE to focus a drying, drawing, protective barrier that eradicates fungus, swelling of cellulitis from infections to help treat an assortment of skin issue. If you’re ready to put a stop to rain rot, order yours now. Sprinkle the powder on your horse’s rain rot and watch the scabs fall away, it’s really that easy.