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Drying A Sweaty Horse in Cold Weather

Ensure your horse stays warm and dry this winter!

Here’s how to dry a sweaty horse in cold weather with COAT DEFENSE®…


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Some added benefits of COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER?

  • Prevent and Eliminates fungus and bacteria

  • Prevent blanket, saddle and boots rubs

  • Removes saddle marks

  • Keep pasterns dry and scab free by applying before turnout

  • Keep blankets, sheets, coolers and natural coats bacteria free and smelling fresh

Whether blanketing, riding, using a cooler or letting your horse go naked this winter, our COAT DEFENSE daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER is A DRY SHAMPOO that wicks moisture while cleaning the coat and killing the bacteria that create funk. The bonus? It leaves the coat’s natural oils that a harsh sodium laureth sulfate based wet shampoo can strip.

Why a dry shampoo for sweaty horses? When sulfates wash away all the natural oils, a horse can be left with dry, itchy skin and a coat that is dull due to lack of moisture. It’s important to keep natural oils in the coat and on the skin, which is exactly why we don’t include any harsh ingredients!  

How does it work? Our simple, natural ingredients create an environment on your horses coat that sucks up moisture, and leaves a fresh, clean smell. Simply sprinkle it on, rub it in with a curry or brush, and let it dry. Any extra can be brushed off, removing gunk and dirt with it. Now you can keep your horse WARM, DRY, AND FREE OF FUNK THIS WINTER!

FREE shipping on orders over $50!

While we’re on the road and it’s cold, too cold to bathe, COAT DEFENSE® keeps these horses looking like a million bucks!

— Jim McDonough Cutting Horses

If you want to keep your horse comfortable this winter, consider adding COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER to your grooming routine. Keep the bacteria and fungus away with this dry shampoo, all while wicking moisture from the coat and keeping them dry and happy. But don’t let us tell you about it, here’s a word from some of the riders who have enjoyed the success of adding COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER to their grooming routine!

FREE shipping on orders over $50!