Spring is HERE! ... So is Mud Season.

Now that the longer days are here, horse owners are ready for the warmer days and longer rides, more time out in the fresh air and the seemingly endless summer days. But at this point, those are day dreams, because first we have to get through one terrible season, some call it spring, but we call it mud season.

This is the time of year that our snow covered pastures suddenly become mud pits straight from the Swamp of Sadness in The Never Ending Story. Only now, we have to pluck our own Artax from the sinking, sticky, boot sucking mud.

A particularly annoying part of this season, besides cleaning the mud off your horse constantly and trying to find a somewhat dry spot to put hay piles, is the inevitable mud fever that comes along with it. For some horses, no matter how much brushing, washing, scrubbing, drying and ointment applying that we do, they just seem to have this gunk stuck to their legs like glue.

Mud fever is a catchall phrase for a variety of skin issues that arise in damp, muddy conditions. Rain rot shares the same characteristics, just typically on the back, withers or neck. The same bacterium, dermatophilus congolensis, causes both conditions, along with many others.  

Here is the interesting thing about this bacteria, it’s in a family called actinomycetes. Actinomycetes  behave like both bacteria and fungi. This is why the debate on how to treat mud fever lasted so long, it displays symptoms of both. Horses naturally have these organisms on their skin; they lay dormant until muddy, damp conditions cause them to flare-up. So, what if there was a way to keep this bacterium from flaring up and thriving?

The solution to starving off this bacterium is to keep your horse’s skin dry. One option is keeping your horse in all winter, but most of us know that this is a terrible idea unless we’re looking for a bucking bronco to tear down the barn. Another option is daily washing, but this added moisture could actually fuel the bacteria. So, we need to keep our horse’s skin dry, but how?

Well, lucky for horse owners, new products have hit the market that finally PREVENT and TREAT Mud Fever. They’re called COAT DEFENSE®, and they’re about to be your go-to grooming aids for keeping  your horse’s skin clear and healthy.

What is Coat Defense? COAT DEFENSE® Daily Preventative Powder is the first dry way to clean pastern areas with an anti-bacterial, anit-fungal layer which will destroy fungal and bacterial colonies before they erupt. In addition it is an excellent dry shampoo when it’s too cold for a hose or on a trail ride where water is not always available. It is also used under pads, wraps, boots, and blankets to prevent moisture and odor.  Shake some in your helmet if it is stinky and it’ll instantly smell fresh.

It’s an all-natural solution with no harsh chemicals. While many other treatments contain chemicals that can actually cause harm to healthy skin, COAT DEFENSE® will aid in clearing up affected areas, while nurturing healthy ones.

So what does COAT DEFENSE® DO that prevents and treats Mud Fever? It creates a drying environment, which prevents all bacterial and fungal growth. Simple as that, keep the skin dry, starve off the bacteria or fungi and prevent flare-ups.   

People have been using COAT DEFENSE® TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE to focus a drying, drawing, protective barrier that eradicates fungus, swelling of cellulitis from infections to help treat an assortment of skin issues, but here is what a few have had to say about it treating Mud Fever…

“I am a believer! It’s a miracle for Mud Fever. I have been dealing with this issue for months! I applied 2 applications; Sunday and Tuesday and then had to go out of town. I came home last night, pulled him out of the stall to hose his leg down and the scabs were gone. Down to fresh skin!” – Jill R., Middlefield, OH

“I tried your product on my horse starting Tuesday morning for scratches and Mud Fever. By Wednesday afternoon his pastern was dramatically improved. I have used other products with little to no results. This product is AMAZING!” – Milly K., Greenhead, FL

“I really like the products. I had really great results! I found that the paste isolated the fungus and made it easy for me to remove it without agitating the entire leg and the powder complimented the paste very well for maintaining a dry area. This stuff is very cool, I will turn to these products first from now on.” – Hillary C., Barn manager, Hainesport, NJ

If you’d like to read more, check out our Results page!

For the first time, you can keep your horse from getting mud fever! COAT DEFENSE® is offered in a powder and a paste; the powder can be brushed onto your horse’s entire coat, the paste applied directly to the pasterns and cannon bones. It’s like sending your horse out to the pasture with a coat of armor!

Imagine this, no scabs, no pus, no inflammation, no round of antibiotics, no mud fever. Just clean legs with a glistening coat.  If you’re ready to give it a try ORDER YOURS NOW and stock up on your supply of the best defense around. Happy Mud Season!  

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