Winter is Coming - EPISODE THREE: Winter Bathing and Blanketing

It’s here, people. The icy cold winds, the half frozen pastures, frosty mornings spent trying to warm up as we do chores or an evening in a frigid arena as we realize we REALLY can’t feel our toes anymore. Ahhh, winter in the barn.

While winter may come with holiday perks and maybe a vacation somewhere warm, we can be honest that it is a royal pain in the rear when it comes to the barn. Unless you travel south for the season, you’re stuck with the sleet, ice, snow, frosty mud and inability to really clean anything, or so it seems.

Many horse owners wait for the first warm spring day to give their horse the first bath of the year, and for good reason! Who the heck wants to give a cold bath when it’s below freezing? Even in an indoor wash rack with warm water, unless your barn is heated it’s not advised for the sake of your horse’s health.

We know that dirty coat texture and smell all too well; our fingernails are BLACK grime after giving your horse a good scratch and they smell like ripe manure and mud. So we brush, use spray shampoos and dream about spring days or living somewhere that’s not a frozen, muddy wonderland.

Take the inability to bathe and mix it with blanketing for months and you have one smelly horse. But it’s not just a stinky pony you have to worry about, it’s what might be hiding under that blanket. While blanketing is needed for clipped horses, many owners in particularly wet climates like to use blankets or sheets to keep their horse's dry during turnout. However, the risk that comes with this is the development of bacteria or fungus on the coat.

Bacteria and fungus thrive in warm, moist conditions. A horse’s coat is the perfect home during the winter months, the blanket or sheet remains on for an extended period of time and there is no sunlight or air to help control these little colonies. Add mud, rain and a changing climate and you’ll have the perfect home for some microscopic friends. Just the guests you wanted for the holiday, right?

So how can you avoid another battle of the funk, gunk, grime and stink this winter? Well, lucky for you, Coat Defense is here to help ease your stress and give you some peace of mind. If you read Episode One or Episode Two, you know Coat Defense can knock out mud fever and rain rot with just a couple applications. But the wonders of this stuff doesn’t end there, it extends to a multitude of coat needs, including winter bathing and under the blanket protection.

What is this Coat Defense we speak of? It’s an all-natural solution with no harsh chemicals, it’s a non-toxic daily preventative powder that creates a drying environment, which prevents all bacterial and fungal growth. These bottles of wonder are about to be your go-to grooming aids for keeping your horse’s coat shiny, clean and healthy during these dreary months.

How does it work? Well, we’ll let Kim show you an example of how she uses it on a sweaty horse after a trail ride…

Simple as that, sprinkle it on, use a curry to rub it in and watch the sweat, dirt and grime disappear. Here are the results…

Rather than worrying this winter, stock up with some stocking stuffers for yourself and friends this holiday season. No more smelly, dirty horses. No fungus, bacteria, gunk, funk or scabs. No cold, wet baths that NO ONE appreciates. Just a freshly powdered horses with clean blankets, sheets and coats.